Personal Passworder - keeps more than just passwords! This award-winning password manager will keep your passwords, serial numbers, credit card numbers, phone entries and other information safely and securely. You can even create customized groups for your data! All data is encrypted with hacker-proof, reliable algorithm and all users have their own password-protected accounts. The program supports several interface languages and comes with a number of useful tools for safe work and personal comfort. You will never forget your passwords again, because Personal Passworder will remember them for you!


Fast Launcher - replacement for Quick Launch and Start Menu! This application has several features which make this program far more powerful, useful and convenient than Quick Launch. Fast Launcher is easy to use - you need just two clicks to launch the program. Now you can divide different programs into groups, minimize the programs to tray or just hide them, use hot-keys for quick access and much more! This awesome software is freeware!


Agent Viewer - discover the real capabilities of Microsoft Assistant! Agent Viewer allows you to see every animation process of your Microsoft Office agents/assistants. Agent Viewer can help you in searching agents on your drives; you don't need to remember the places where these files are stored. The program has eye-pleasing and easy-to-use interface. Best of all, it's a freeware!


04/04/2016: Personal Passworder is freeware now!

We have decided to make Personal Passworder freeware. You can download unprotected version from our site.

We would like to thank all our users, who purchased program and supported us. Thank you!

02/24/2008: Personal Passworder 3.9.8 is released. Get it here!
11/20/2007: Fast Launcer 3.5 is released. Get it here!